We provide wide range of services, based on extensive, relevant experience.

Office services

From the conception, through design and on to approvals from the relevant authorities, (Urban Planning, Archaeology, Forestry, etc), to construction preparations for new buildings.  In case of renovations, from surveying, to Building Code Compliance Certification, all the way to the actual renovation planning :

Services on the building site

Large or small, construction projects demand professional help.  Complex procedures with planning authorities and workers insurance are issues. The highly complex building technology and materials, another. Navigating construction with competent professional help can save time and money, at least.  On-site project supervision and management, are crucial and valuable services.

Alternatively we contract building small projects, turn key.
We have construction experience for competetive offers and collaborate with trusted and tested sub-contractors.

In the past we have undertaken self-funding constructions for direct sale, especially of niche designer homes.   view! Vacation villas on Kea island;

Design of Stores and Office space

We design new constructions or conversions of existing spaces, with style that highlights the uniqueness of your business.   We undertake to obtain relevant permits: planning, fire protection and operations licensing.
During construction we can undertake the supervision, project management, or the general contracting

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We design new homes, and renovations or restorations.   We have significant experience in both traditional morphology, in the countryside and in modern urban housing.  
During construction we can undertake the supervision, project management, or the general contracting.

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We communicate our design ideas with photorealistic renderings, like the ones below.   Our studies are comprehensive and include all relative detailing (of kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, etc.) and construction documentation, including specifications and cost estimation

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Renovations, Restorations, Rehabs

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Building Code Compliance and Certifications

Building Code compliance for existing buildings needs to examined and certified for many cases, such as property transactions, operations licencing, modifications or additions, etc.
In cases of deviations from permits, these must be declared and in most cases measures taken to legalize the existing situation.
We have experience to handle even the most complicated cases. We have done this for both private clients and corpoarations, which trust us repeatedly with all such issues of theirs.