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  • C1: 84  sqm
  • C2: 99  sqm
  • C3: 119 sqm *

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Vacation Homes Complex, in Vourkari Kea

News! :   House A3

Privileged location and views. Fully furnished. Landscaped, with grown garden plants :

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Plot C

   Two houses still for sale, C1 & C2 . Completion in 12 months.

Opportunities for land purchases

below real value.  Kea has a promising future.

The Location

New stone houses in vernacular styling built on fifteen acres on a hill above the fishing village of Vourkari.  The location combines the advantages of ease of access - very close to Vourkari and the main port - with the peace of the countryside.

Shops, restaurants and entertainment at the port and Vourkari, beaches at Yaliskari and Otzias, a boat marina - all are close-by!  The lower edge of the development land is approximately 100m facing the new ring-road of Vourkari. The location is 1200m from the village of Vourkari by road, or just 400-500m in a straight line. A network of roads and routes from the village of Vourkari continues to extend up the hill, reducing distances and improving road conditions.


The development consists of 3 plots: A and Β, where 5 stone houses have already been built, each with private swimming pool.  The new buildings will start in 2011 on plot C The hill faces north-east and the horizon meets the sea along a wide arch including the mainland and the islands of Makronissos, Evia, Andros.  To the east the "Chora" the island's capital, is set on a distant hill.

Each home is free-standing.  The slope and articulated configuration assure excellent views and privacy for each house.

Homes include 1,000-1,400sq.m use of land for gardens.


The stepped positioning of the buildings blends harmoniously on the hillside.

Layouts are well set in their surrounding, capitalize on the views and are very functional.

Based on tradition, buildings combine hues of local stone with colored walls.  Windows and shutters are of wood, in color.

Interiors :